Classroom and Student Organisation

Classrooms can arranged in:
  • multi-purpose formats 
  • group and individual 
  • students can have constant and easy access to computers and resources 
  • with flexibility of approaches and tools for learning as needed

This includes access to: peripherals like iPods, digital microscopes and cameras. 

This way organisation is enhanced by the ‘user’ having control of their learning.

*Teachers must have a clear line of sight at all times

The ‘Blooms’ approach also allows for choice, learning styles and abilities through multiple tools and methods to display learning (Malaguzzi, Ceppi, Zini, 1998)

Teachers support, scaffold, guide and enhance the learning journey 
while assimilating information for assessment informing future learning (Queensland Government, 2008). Uploading projects on Blogs creates a proactive authentic learning context through student centred learning.