Appropriate Contexts for Using Blogs

Blogs can be used for all ages and diversities but at differing levels of engagement. 

Prep to Year 2 may assist in a class Blog by:

  • taking photos
  • uploading individual or group work to a class Blog
  • talking and working with parents on posts
  • group diary entries...

While students ICT skill level improves, from Year 3 on, each child will start to skilfully produce elaborate Blogs of their own through constructionist methods actively building their own knowledge (Finger, et al., 2007). Using Blogs for disabilities and varying learning styles can be flexible and easily adjusted to individual learners.

A Blog may be useful for initial engagement of a topic.

But if planned well, can be used across a unit of work for: 

  • assessment
  • as a learning tool
  • independent study
  • making innovative products
  • extension work
  • remedial work
  • class and community projects
  • across all KLA’s

An example of this could be a science project:

family and friends interact as students post findings, experiments, graphs, discussions, journals, artwork and movies from research and discoveries. 

Care must be taken not to use technology as the learning instead of the tool for learning (OECD, 2005).