What problems could we face?

    • Safety
    • Ethical and legal considerations
    • Equitable for all learners? 

    What concerns do you have?

    • Are students being productive?
    • What happens to the curriculum?
    • The classroom environment
    • Age appropriate
    • Overuse of Technology
    • Can’t access technology
    • No Internet at home
    • Parents not on side
    • Technology too hard – skill level
    • Too much typing
    • Sensitive material
    • Too much technology and not enough school work

    Legal / ethical considerations
    When working in a ‘Cloud’ environment students must sign an ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ and Permission form in accordance with school policy for safety and legal considerations (ACARA, 2011). Plagiarism and copyright need to be addressed and taught in to students as essential to digital use.

    Teachers must teach Internet ethics like: netiquette, safe practice, validity of information, how to evaluate sources and comply with school policies.

    Students are closely supervised and must not share information about themselves or others online. Ethically, equitable access and participation including indigenous students are defined through supportive and flexible learning tools (DETA, 2010).  This particularly is for students otherwise unable to access life experiences that may be unavailable or too costly (QSA, 2011 & UNESCO, 2010). 
     How do we know children are doing what they are supposed to be doing?